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  This semester marks a step up in our efforts to provide the latest in technology improvements that impact teaching and learning.   Public teacher web pages are no longer supported although some will exist for a period of time to come.

As an alternative to public teacher web pages, Parkview teachers have been working to develop more dynamic, interactive online tools and resources for students as part of the Gwinnett County Schools eClass Initiative.  The new course pages are commonly referred to as D2L pages which is short for "Desire 2 Learn," a commercial product provided through GCPS and available now system wide.

Secure class pages exist behind our firewall and require an individual student login to access.  Parents will soon access the pages for their children via the Parent Portal.  But during this transition time, parents are asked to use the logins provided to their own children.

To contact a teacher, please visit our contact pages or use the convenient Parkview App available for free download to personal devices.   See download links on our Home Page.
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